International Goalkeeper Training
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Goalkeeper Programs

Train Like the Pros Do

The specialized goalkeeper programs consist of expert coaching that covers the main techniques and skills of goalkeeping.

* Warm Ups
* Footwork
* Handling and Catching the Ball
* Diving
* Shot Stopping
* Crosses
* One v One situations
* Distribution and the Back Pass
* Goalkeeping Specific Fitness

This specialized coaching can be done in a one-on-one environment, small group environment or a complete team or club environment. In addition, we can customize any program to meet the needs of an individual goalkeeper or group of goalkeepers based on any skill level.

Goalkeeping Specific Strength and Conditioning

Goalkeepers should have a different fitness program than field players.  International Goalkeeper Training can customize a strength and conditioning  program that is goalkeeping specific as well as age appropriate.