International Goalkeeper Training
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Coaching Programs

Coaches Classroom Seminar Topics

* Coaching Theory
* Goalkeeping Practices and Drills
* Role of the Goalkeeping Coach
* Coaching Sessions
* Match Analysis
* Coach Expectations
* Player Expectations
* Working with Elite Athletes

Attendees of a Coaches Course

Guest Professional Coaches for Courses
Simon Smith with Shay Given and Steve Harper

The Goalkeeper Coaching for Coaches Program consists of both classroom sessions and tactical on field Coaching.  

Coaches Practical Field Sessions

* Warm ups for Goalkeepers
* Catching
* Diving Saves
* Shot Stopping
* One v One Situations
* Dealing with Crosses
* Handling the Back Pass

All Coaches will have the opportunity to participate in these on field sessions.

Specialized Coaching for Goalkeepers by Goalkeepers